Special Town Board Meeting-Monday, January 23, 2017-6:30 pm-Conference Room

Chairman Weiss called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Present at roll call were Weiss, Supervisors Rasch, White, Palmer, Clerk/Treasurer Polyock. Supervisor Jones was absent. Also present Captain Bushey, Fire Chief Smith, Dan Pitt, Casey Apker and Ivan Aranda.

Captain Bushey stated Jason Klenz could not make the meeting tonight. He is a full time officer in the Village of Walworth. He is an older mature man. Chairman Weiss has met him and told the Board his thoughts on their meeting.

Casey Apker was present and told about his background. He lives in Kenosha and used to work for their police department. He has an associate’s degree. Currently he has been working for the Town of Geneva Police Department since May 2016. He enjoys working in this area.

Rasch/White motion to hire Jason Klenz and Casey Apker as part-time officers for the Linn Police Department. Carried. Chairman Weiss suggested that Jason Klenz attend the next Town Board Meeting so he could meet the Board members.

Chief Smith introduced Ivan Aranda, Fire/EMS applicant to the Board. He lives in Lake Geneva. He was on the Bloomfield Fire Department for 1 ½ years. Currently he is attending FF1. White/Rasch motion to hire Ivan Aranda as a member of the Linn Fire/EMS. Carried.

Palmer/Rasch motion to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,



Sue Polyock, CMC/WCMC