Regular Town Board Meeting- Monday, December 12, 2016-7:00 PM-Linn Town Hall

Chairman Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Present at roll call were Weiss, Supervisors Jones, White, Clerk/Treasurer Polyock, Atty. Schiltz. Supervisors Rasch and Palmer were absent. There were 12 people in the audience.

White/Jones motion to approve the minutes as provided. Carried.

Jones/White motion to approve the bills provided in the packet and also those distributed tonight. Carried.

Comments from the public: Allan Polyock spoke to the resort area tax. He said the Town of Linn should not be involved and needs to decline the invitation.

Allan Bullard, W4320 Mohawk Rd, complaining of the traffic and speed of commodity semis during harvest season. They are taking a short cut on Mohawk Road. He is asking for 45 MPH speed limit and some kind of a weight limit sign. Currently there are no signs at all.

Leslie Wiercioch, W3991 Mohawk Rd, speed has increased. Need speed reduction signs and weight limit.

Warren Konke, W4384 Mohawk Rd, increase during harvest season of trucks.

Sheri Doyle, W4355 Mohawk, increase in truck traffic and speed

Jennifer Pearce, W4297 Mohawk, speed too fast with children present, Jake brakes being used at Swamp Angel and Mohawk

Correspondence – Jones: Neil McKinnell about the semis on Mohawk

White: nothing

Weiss: McKinnell about semis, side curtains on boat slips

Plan Commission: Chairman Weiss explained that the principal structure is no longer an issue as they combined their two parcels. They need a 75’ shore line set-back as the pergola is a structure. The location of the septic system prevents another location. The plan commission was unanimously in favor. Weiss/White motion to approve as recommended by the Plan Commission. Carried.

Protective Services: no meeting

Highway Committee: no meeting

Harbor Commission: no meeting, the piers are out

Buildings & grounds: no meeting

Public Parks: no meeting

GLEA: Discussed the run-off caused by septic systems & pumping water softeners, they continue to monitor wells around the lake, trying to get a handle on dying off of plankton, Agency would support 100’ piers, but out no further

Geneva Lake Use: White did not attend

Zenda Drainage Project: Schiltz reported he had received an e-mail from the last person. He made some changes and she will now sign the easement.

White/Jones motion to appoint Ray Clevenger as an election inspector. Carried unanimously.

Amendments to Joint Uniform Lake Law Ordinance: Weiss reported that non-motorized row boat, paddle boards, kayaks and canoes have been eliminated. Section IV6. 100’ pier is not addressed in this ordinance as each Municipality must establish the length and all have it at 100’ at this time. Weiss feels it should be in the Joint Uniform Agreement and Schiltz has been directed to draft a letter to the Geneva Lake Use Committee. It was stated that side curtains are dealt with in the legislature and it is the law.

Weiss/White motion to appoint Maureen Zimmerman as new member of the Plan Commission. Carried unanimously.

North Shore Fire Contract: The only change is #6 which is the continuation. Basically it is the same contract as in the past. Jones/White motion to accept the contract as presented. Carried.

Mr. Klumb wants the Town to pay his attorney fees. The Town will enter into an easement but will not pay attorney fees past the “CAP” of $500. Mr. Klumb has been dealing directly with the engineer. Jones/White motion to have the drainage work done and easement signed in the spring of 2017 and do not exceed the “CAP” of attorney fees already set. Carried.

City Premier Resort Tax: The discussion was that the tax does not fit the Town of Linn. Jones/White motion to deny the request and opt out of joining in the Premier Resort Tax. Motion fails. Jones/White motion to have Chairman Weiss go to the City of Lake Geneva for a border agreement. If no border agreement is reached, bring the matter back to the Board for further discussion. Carried.

No action was taken at this time on the Comprehensive Land Use Survey.

Jones/White motion to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Sue Polyock, CMC/WCMC