Regular Town Board Meeting- Monday, November 14, 2016-7:00 pm- Linn Town Hall

Chairman Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Present at roll call were Weiss, Supervisors Jones, Rasch, White, Clerk/Treasurer Polyock, Atty. Schiltz. Supervisor Palmer was absent. There were 13 people in the audience.

Jones/Rasch motion to approve the October 10 th and 27 th minutes as distributed. The Nov. 3 rd minutes need to be corrected in that the Harbor Commission asked for and received a 1.5% increase for the launch attendants. Carried with the correction.

White/Rasch motion to pay all the bills noted in the packet and also those distributed tonight. Carried.

Comments from the public: Allan Polyock spoke to the Hillside Bridge project. The blacktop has not been removed yet. Time is running out as asphalt plants will close soon. This needs to get done so the bridge can be re-rated.

Correspondence: White, Rasch: nothing

Jones: Neil McKinnell complaining about the trucks coming down Lakeville, Swamp Angel, to Mohawk Road.

Weiss: calls about the pier permits on the agenda

There were no committee reports this month.

Geneva Lake Use committee is reviewing new state ordinances. They will be meeting tomorrow night and included on the agenda is piers exceeding the 100’ length and giving up buoys.

Update Zenda drainage: Atty. Schiltz reported he has received two out of the three easements. He has amended the easement to Sarah Leedle with requests she had. Added was that Steve Snudden will be responsible for any crop damage incurred on the easement and she will be given a layout of the easement.


Pier Permits: South Shore Club: Bob Zaccone, Joe Blank and Michelle from Reed’s Construction were present. South Shore Club plans to swap six buoys for six slips. At the present they have 22 slips and 18 buoys. There are 40 property owners. The end slips will be a little wider to allow for pontoon boats. By taking away six buoys, it will free the outer row of buoys and add 100’ to the lake. The piers are currently 100’ and will become 120’. Jones/White motion to open for discussion. Carried. Charles Colman stated he has a problem with the buoys. The Town needs to think about how to register the buoys. They need a process for when the issue comes up that buoys are being given up. Jones/Rasch motion to table the decision on the advice of the Lake Use Committee to change our ordinance. Carried.

Valley Park Association are also asking for a pier permit that involves taking away buoys. They have a boat pier and a swim pier. The six buoys they will remove go out 200 feet. They would like to take those six buoys out and add slips to the pier for them. Jones/Rasch motion to open for discussion. Carried. The Board would like to send this to the Lake Use Committee to see what their recommendation would be. Rasch/Jones motion to table subject to hearing back from the Lake Use Committee. Carried.


White/Rasch motion to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.


Respectfully submitted,




Sue Polyock, CMC/WCMC