Regular Town Board Meeting-Monday, September 12, 2016-7:00 pm- Linn Town Hall

Chairman Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. Present at roll call were Chairman Weiss, Supervisors Jones, Rasch, White, Palmer, Clerk/Treasurer Polyock, Atty. Schiltz. There were ten (10) people in the audience.

Jones/Palmer motion to approve the minutes of the August 2 nd Board of Review, August 8 th Regular & Special Board meeting, August 22 nd Special Board Meeting. Carried.

White/Rasch motion to pay the bills distributed including those presented tonight. Carried.

Comments from the Public:

Jim Stowell thanked the Town of Linn for closing Zenda Road for Farm Technology Days. It worked very well for the vendors for set up and tear down. He presented Chairman Weiss with the proclamation signed by Governor Walker and also a model tractor from Case that was available to purchase at the show.

Ted Peters spoke as a resident and also for the GLEA. He addressed the South Shore Club request to extend their existing pier from 100’ to 120’. The Town has a Pier ordinance of 100 feet. By adding the 6 new slips with canopies the pier will be over the 100’. The ordinance was enacted lake wide with safety being one of the major reasons. Shading of the lake has a negative effect on overall health of the lake.

Correspondence received:

White – Possible use of a house that was recently sold in Wooddale Subdivision.

Jones/Rasch – nothing

Palmer – Lifshin property – citations have been issued by the DNR & Walworth County

Weiss – Wooddale house

Plan Commission – no meeting

Protective Services – no meeting

Highway Committee – Bill Lynch has stated he will put in a 4 foot retaining wall and grade the dirt on the lot to the west of the Owl Tavern. He would like the Town to put in a guard rail. Palmer/White motion to install a guard rail by the Owl Tavern at a cost not to exceed $4,500. Motion withdrawn.

Palmer/White motion to install a guard rail west of the Owl Tavern at a cost not to exceed $4,500 contingent upon Bill Lynch giving Atty. Schiltz approval in writing that all conditions required by Walworth County have been met. Carried.

Complaints in Zenda about amount of cars traveling thru Zenda with no stop signs. About 11 stop signs are needed. Two of them would be four way stop signs – Eastman & Pleasant and Franklin Walsh & Pleasant. Proposal will be looked at and Ordinance changes will be looked at with the Chief.

Sealcoating will not be done so will modify contract with Payne & Dolan to pave the rest of Hillside Road. The money from sealcoating and forgoing paving at the beach area will cover the costs. Fahrner will hold the sealcoating price for 2017. Palmer/Jones motion to not do any sealcoating this year, forgo the Robinson Hillside beach work and use remaining paving budgeted money to award Payne & Dolan the modification to the existing contract in the amount of $135,000. Carried.

Harbor Commission: no meeting, will have one tomorrow night

Buildings & Grounds: Went over proposed projects

Public Parks: they met, but nothing to report

GLEA: no meeting

Geneva Lake Use Committee: preliminary meeting to organize, meeting Sep. 20 th in Williams Bay

Zenda drainage – Atty. Schiltz has not heard back from Steve Snudden with proposed agreement. None of the easements that were sent out have been returned. Leave this item on agenda for report next month.

Pier Permits:

Rasch/Palmer motion to approve pier permit for Roger O’Neill as submitted. Carried.

Rasch/Jones motion to approve pier permit for Daniel Walsh as submitted. Carried.

Jones/Palmer motion to approve the Town of Linn permit. The pier will be 213 feet to add mooring capacity for the fireboat that is currently at Shadow Lane. It is for the purpose of public safety. Carried.

South Shore Club would like to appear for public information only. They would be giving up six buoys in exchange for the six boat slips so would not be adding any volume to the lake.

Rasch/Palmer motion to deny the claim from Pinnacle Legal Services LLC representing Jorge Reyes Pina. This claim has already been denied, but have brought a revised claim forward. Carried.

Wisconsin Power & Light is asking the Town to close Zenda Road on October 18 th as a 17’ wide piece of equipment will be delivered. Palmer/White motion to close Zenda Road on October 18, 2016 between Linton Rd and South Lakeshore Drive from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm in order to unload the truck. Carried.

Speed limit on N. Creekside – they have lowered it in other subdivisions. Chief Cates was wondering why the ingress to South Shore Club has that crossover ingress off N. Creekside. That is where the traffic is coming from. It will be on next month’s agenda.

Rasch would like to add option of the High Deductible option for next year. Rasch/Jones motion to approve the resolution adding a high deductible health insurance plan. There will be a Health Reimbursement Account along with this. Carried.

Road reimbursement agreement: Atty. David Schiltz has drafted a cost reimbursement agreement the homeowner agrees to pay for the damages to the road they have caused. It also has a driveway right of way permit application that will be filled out. It is more protection for the Town. Joe Messler thinks our Ordinance has “no teeth”, this agreement will help this situation. Not easy to pin road damage on a particular house. Should there be a general fee charged with a building permit for roads. The fee would be to the Town not the building permit, but would be collected by the building inspector. Corrections need to be made to document – we do allow plastic culverts & Town of Geneva is also on parts. Not specifically seeing it is cost recovery for roads on this document. It is in *asterisk box on bottom in order to get recovery cost. It would be on a case by case basis. Fee % of building permit fee or $ amount of construction. Palmer/White approve road reimbursement agreement as drafted subject to the corrections. Carried without negative vote.

Weiss/Rasch motion to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,



Sue Polyock