Regular Town Board meeting-Monday, August 8, 2016-7:00 pm-Linn Town Hall

Chairman Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Present at roll call were Chairman Weiss, Supervisors Jones, Rasch, White, Palmer. Clerk/Treasurer Polyock, Atty. Schiltz. There were twelve (12) people in the audience.

Jones/Rasch motion to approve the minutes of the July 11, 2016 meeting as distributed. Carried.

Palmer/Jones motion to pay the bills in the packet and also those distributed tonight. Carried.

Comments from the public: none

Correspondence received of Board members:

Jones, Rasch, White – nothing

Palmer – concerns of house construction on lake (Lifshin), highway concerns

Weiss – also concerns about Lifshin construction, and public hearing tonight

Atty. Schiltz has been in contact with Faye Amerson (Walworth County) concerning the Lifshin property. The County has been in conference with the DNR. There are violations, but nothing has been written. The County is out checking on the project weekly.


PUBLIC HEARING : Held at this time due to lack of quorum at Plan Commission

Supervisor Jones recused herself and sat in the audience.


Three people were present representing Alliant energy: Thomas Erstad, Real Estate, Greg Ardrey, Project Management, Brianna Swenson, Substation Engineer. Alliant Energy looks at their farcicalities annually. They are mainly updating this facility and the existing switch gears. They were questioned by the Board on the following 1. reason they did not just purchase more land. The land to the North is wetlands and drops off, to the East is Zenda Road, the West drops off and to the South the landowner did not want to sell. 2. Age of the facility – built in 1972

Most of the system operates on voltage of 12,500 – 25,000 is standard. They will need to close a portion of Linn Road for one day to unload a piece of equipment. This would be Oct. 18 th or 19 th.

Speaking in favor: Christine Jones, W3746 Linton Rd-stated she is adjacent property owner & in favor

Allan Polyock, N146 Bissell Rd-stated we have few power problems & rarely a power outage, let’s keep it that way by updating

Speaking against: Michael Ries, leases his farmland to Jones (gave her address),stated Alliant has asked for an easement but he has not granted it - why are they putting underground when the cost is 5 – 7 times more costly – answer by Alliant: underground is more reliable and long term more advantageous (no trees) the voltage going thru is 12,400 and 1988/89 there were no failures

Tom Leith, W4161 Linton Rd-asked about cooling underground cable Alliant answer: ground is a natural coolant how far away will you be able to build by underground cable Alliant answer: not high voltage so no distance needed

Elaine Ries, also gave Jones address, questioned the danger and risk of magnetic fields Alliant response: by nature of design there is always a magnetic field but the current is balanced She also asked if the cable insulation is degradable

Chairman Weiss closed the Public Hearing.

Supervisor Rasch asked if the easement discussion would affect the decision tonight. The answer was no – they can proceed without easement by going in road right-of-way

Palmer/White motion to approve the variance request of Wisconsin Power & Light Co as presented. Roll call vote – 4 yes, 1 abstain

Conditional Use:

Alliant Energy had nothing to add.

Speaking in favor: none

Speaking against: none

Chairman Weiss closed the public hearing.

Palmer/White motion to approve the WI Power & Light Co. conditional use request. Roll call vote – 4 yes, 1 abstain

Protective Services: no meeting

Highway Committee: no meeting

Harbor Commission: no meeting

Buildings & Grounds: met and discussed update on existing projects & update on highway facility

Public Parks: the cleaning of the silo’s will be done middle of September

GLEA: no meeting

Geneva Lake Use: will meet at 7:00 next Tuesday

The latest easement document has been mailed to affected property owners and has not been returned.

Rasch/Jones motion to approve Pier Permit of John Huguenard, N2291 Main Rd. Carried.

White/Jones motion to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,