Regular Town Board Meeting – Monday, May 9, 2016 – 7:00 pm – Linn Town Hall

Chairman Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Present at roll call were Chairman Weiss, Supervisors Jones, Rasch, White, Palmer, Clerk/Treasure Polyock, Atty. Schiltz. There were thirteen (13) people in the audience.

Rasch/Jones motion to approve the minutes of the April 7th, 11 th and 19, 2016 as distributed. Carried.

White/Rasch motion to pay the bills in the packet and those distributed tonight with the exception of the Pesche’s bill. Carried. Palmer/White motion to approve payment of the Pesche bill. Carried, Jones abstains.

Comments from the public: none

Correspondence: Jones, Rasch, Palmer, Weiss = none White – pier installation

Plan Commission: Supervisor Weiss presented the plan commission decisions on the following


Protective Services: The committee met May 3 rd.


Highway Committee: The committee met May 5 th.

Harbor Commission:


Buildings & Grounds: Police Department update is looking good.

Public Parks:


GLEA: Tom Leith reported that tree seedlings are on sale from the DNR. Also Trees for Tomorrow are selling trees.

Lake Use Committee: no meeting

Committee appointments: List is attached and posted.


Poll workers: Patricia Pankus and Carol Rholl, North Shore residents, have expressed an interest in becoming poll workers. Rasch/Jones motion to approve Patricia Pankus and Carol Rholl as poll workers. Carried.

Palmer/Rasch motion to approve the pier permit for Jim Walsh, N1850 Oakland Rd. Carried.

Supervisor White would like to interview the three companies that were chosen at the last Board meeting. Chairman Weiss asked that half hour appointments be made for each before the June Board meeting.

Palmer/Jones motion to approve the drain tile for $71,738.30 not to exceed $80,000 for total project. Carried. The Attorney is waiting for the legal description from the title company to send out the easements. A new reimbursement agreement between the Town and Steve Snudden has been developed that states he is responsible for payment of all the pipe if all the easements are not obtained. By signing this agreement, he will be able to begin early if he wishes. The question came u if we were only ordering the Steve Snudden portion of the pipe at this time. No one had an answer.

The County would like to do a study (2017) for Fire/EMS countywide service. They want to know each Municipality position before they begin the expense of the study. It was suggested to put on the Protective Services agenda at this time.

Rasch/White motion to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Sue Polyock, CMC/WCMC