Regular Town Board Meeting – Monday, April 11, 2016 – 7:00 pm – Linn Town Hall

Chairman Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Present at roll call were Chairman Weiss, Supervisors Jones, Rasch, White, Palmer, Clerk/Treasurer Polyock, Atty. Schiltz. There were fourteen (14) people in the audience.

White/Rasch motion to approve the minutes of the March 14, 2016 Regular and Special Town Board meetings. Carried. Jones abstained as she was not present.

Rasch/Jones motion to approve the bills submitted including those presented tonight. During the discussion the Voltz bill was questioned as the Town had expected to spend $5,000 but billed $13,000. There was more done on the Bluebird drainage project than expected. Motion was withdrawn. Rasch/Jones motion to pay all the bills except the Voltz bill. Carried.

Comments from the public: Allan Polyock commented that 2 weeks ago he saw no snowplows out until he got to Lakeville Road and the Town of Linn was spreading salt. Last weekend our roads were salt covered. Highway department needs to be more frugal. Referring to Item 8a on the agenda, many people are donating their time to Farm Progress Days and he would like the Fire/EMS members to donate their time for the event.

Correspondence to Board members:

Jones, Rasch, White: none

Palmer: Frank Hayden & Alan Polyock = drainage, Bill Lynch = guard rail by Owl Tavern and also small drainage issues

Weiss: Also calls from Hayden, Polyock, Lynch and small drainage issues


Plan Commission: Public Hearing was held on the following


Protective Services: With respect to the police trespass policy, under procedures section A. Response 3. Landlords and tenants are not exempt from this law. The Board is striking bullets a. and b. under this number. Weiss/Rasch motion to approve the trespass to dwelling policy as presented with the removal of a. and b. under procedures, response, number 3. Carried without negative vote.


Rasch/Jones motion to approve Joey Balsitis attendance at FF2 class. Chief Smith stated he had been approved previously, but the class was not scheduled. Carried without negative vote.


Weiss/Jones motion to approve Dan Pitt attendance at a communication seminar. Carried without negative vote.


Rasch/Palmer motion to approve two members (not yet determined) to attend extrication class ($525/person). Carried without negative vote.


Highway Committee: Supervisor Palmer opened the Payne & Dolan road bid. There were two (2) bids given. One for work on Snake Rd, Alta Vista, Robinson Hillside beach, Hillside Rd, Birches Dr and Solar Lane. Bid was $189,994.52. An alternate bid was also included for additional patches on Snake Rd and Lakeville Rd (Lake Geneva Highlands) in the amount of $74,000. Palmer said he will take this to the Highway committee for a recommendation.


Harbor Commission: no meeting

Buildings & Grounds: no meeting

Parks: no meeting

GLEA: no meeting

Geneva Lake Use Committee: no meeting


Bill Thompson appeared to ask the Town to waive the fees for the rescue and fire vehicles needed at Farm Technology Days. Chairman Weiss said the firemen came up with an approximate cost to the Town for the event. We have to staff the Department to cover Farm Technology Days and also any local calls that might be received. In the spirit of community service they ask that we donate the vehicles. The manpower expense may be more or less of $7,200. The Town would bill at the actual amount not to exceed $7,200. Jones/White motion to waive the fees for the fire/EMS vehicles used at Farm Progress Days. At the end of the year when it is determined if the Farm Progress Days made a profit, they will be billed for the actual payroll expense for fire/rescue personnel not to exceed $7,200. Carried without negative vote.


Supervisor White reviewed the three proposals received to update the Comprehensive Plan. He recommends #2 – Community Plan. Each Board member will get a copy of the three proposals to make a choice at a later date.


Rasch/Palmer motion to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,




Sue Polyock, CMC/WCMC