Regular Town Board Meeting-Monday, March 14, 2016-7:00 pm – Linn Town Hall

Chairman Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Present at roll call were Weiss, Supervisors Rasch, White, Palmer, Clerk/Treasurer Polyock, Atty. Schiltz. Supervisor Jones was absent. There were seven (7) people in the audience.

Rasch/Palmer motion to approve the minutes of the Special Town Board and Regular Town Board meetings on February 8, 2016 as presented. Carried without negative vote.

White/Palmer motion to pay the bills contained in the packet and also those presented tonight, including Taylor Roofing which contained a $1,000 deductible unbudgeted amount for repair of wind damaged highway garage roof. Carried without negative vote.

Susan Pruessing, N2059 Six Corners Road, introduced herself as a candidate for County Board. She is running as representative for District 9.

Comments from the public: Allan Polyock addressed a number of issues. Creating an administrator job is not imperative at this time. Concerning the referendum, he feels the Treasurer should be elected. There is not a need for an Ordinance dealing with driving on the Lake, nor do we need a security system. He asks the Board to re-think a Hillside Bridge railing.

Dick Malmin, N1991 S. Lakeshore Dr, feels the Board should review an ice policy for people using the Lake in the winter months.

Correspondence: Rasch: nothing

White: question if the piers were in yet

Palmer: e-mails about mud on S. Lakeshore Drive, Bill Lynch about damage to the Lake

Geneva Highlands roads

Weiss: Malmin’s concern about an ice policy, citizen concern about animals living in a

house which Joe Mesler and Ted Peters are looking into

Plan Commission: no meeting

Protective Services: The Board is taking appropriate measures to protect people. The drone policy presented tonight is for our police department. Palmer/White motion to approve the drone policy for the police department. Carried.

Dr. Polek, Reek School Administrator, sent a letter recognizing the excellent response of the law enforcement officers at the WAVE alert.

The winter in-service the fire department is asking to attend deals with recognizing/handling conflict. Rasch/Palmer motion to approve Jones/Smith to attend the Winter in-service at a cost of $235 each. Carried.

The Fire Department would like to host an emergency responder class. Our department has six (6) members interested in attending the class. Twelve are needed to host the class. Rasch/White motion to authorize up to six (6) firemen to attend if we are able to host. Carried.

The ropes operation class is not offered very often. This is a weekend class offered at the City of Burlington Fire Dept. Palmer/White motion to approve Austin Smith participation in rope operations class at the City of Burlington FD at a cost of $375.00. Carried.

There are new technologies with things that are burning. These will be addressed at a class held at Union Grove High School on March 19 th. The cost is $10 each. Palmer/Rasch motion to approve attendance not to exceed $50.00. Carried.

There are 2 mustang suits are leaking. Kevin Conlon will bring back recommendations of a good one to buy from his ice diving class. Weiss/White motion to approve up to $1,300 for mustang suits. If the need is to go over, must be approved by the Board as it will be over budget. Carried.

The Department would like to host Big Water Training. The cost would be $3,000. Rasch/White motion to host Big Water Training with the expenses not to exceed 1/3 from donations, 1/3 from training funds and 1/3 from department donated funds, April 30/May 1. Carried.

The Department asked about purchasing a Hovercraft. The Board suggested they figure out what is best for our area, but let another department spearhead the purchase. We already have the fireboat and zodiac boat for use.

Highway Committee: Palmer/Rasch motion to advertise for the 2016 summer paving work in the Regional News. Carried.

The Hillside Road Bridge needs milling and new pavement. Palmer/Rasch motion to award the milling and paving work to Merit Asphalt in the amount of $13,750 to be taken out of the Bridge Fund as it is an unbudgeted item. Carried.

Harbor Commission: Roy White stated the commission had met and recommends raising the fees as follows. White/Weiss motion to raise the boat slip fees to $2,090 (medium) and $2,280 (large) for the 2016 season. The upset by redoing the pier will be for only one week at the maximum and will be done early in the season. White/Palmer motion to raise the launch fees by $1.00 for each category, making the annual fee $10 higher. Carried.

Buildings & Grounds: Rasch/Weiss motion to approve the quotes for Police Department updates not to exceed $56,248.77. Carried.

Rasch/Weiss motion to approve the Steven Buchanan Painting quote not to exceed $12,350. Carried.

Public Parks: no meeting

Geneva Lake Environmental: Tom Leith reported that the zoe plankton is still diminishing. A student at George Williams College is going to do a study. A teacher at Reek School is doing graduate study on pesticides to see if that is a cause.

Geneva Lake Use Committee: nothing

Chairman Weiss stated that the Geneva Lake Use Committee has changed