Walworth County, Wisconsin


For all matters that come before the Town of Linn Plan Commission, the following are requirements for both the applicant and the members of the Plan Commission:

  1. The applicant must submit its application (the application he/she/it has filed with Walworth County) or a narrative of what the applicant is intending to accomplish to the Town Clerk at least thirty (30) days prior to the hearing before the Plan Commission.

  2. The applicant must submit a $100.00 fee to the Town Clerk for the processing of the application together with 13 copies of the application/narrative, survey, if required, and any other documentation deemed necessary by the applicant.

  3. The Town Clerk shall notify all property owners within one hundred (100) feet of the exterior boundaries of the applicant’s property by certified mail, return receipt requested. This notification shall be done as soon as practical but at least ten (10) days prior to the hearing.

  4. Between the date of the filing of the application and the public hearing, all members of the Town of Linn Plan Commission must personally view the property.

  5. At the public hearing, the applicant shall present his/her proposal first. The Chairperson shall then ask for any staff input on the matter. The Chairperson shall then ask for those in favor of the matter speak for it. The Chairperson shall then ask those against it to speak. The Chairperson shall then allow the applicant time for rebuttal to those speaking against it. The Plan Commission Chairperson, in his/her discretion, may limit the time a person can speak if he/she deems there are special circumstances for such limitation.

  6. Once all persons have had an opportunity to speak, the Plan Commission Chairperson shall entertain a motion to close the public hearing. The Plan Commission shall then deliberate on the matter and vote on its recommendation to the Town Board.

  7. After the Plan Commission hearing, the matter shall be brought before the Town Board for its decision on the matter. At the Town Board meeting, there is no opportunity for input from the applicant or any other person/entity regarding the matter. However, the Town Board may ask questions of the applicant or other persons/entities if it deems necessary.

  8. The Town Board shall then deliberate and vote on the matter and the Clerk shall then notify Walworth County of the Board’s decision.

  9. The Town Clerk shall provide standard signs to be posted on the property in a prominent location visible from a public roadway at least ten (10) days before the scheduled hearing before the Plan Commission.

  10. The applicant will be responsible for payment of all Town attorney and engineering costs associated with the application process.

  11. Plan Commission meetings are on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.



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